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Mass downloading

Mass downloading data from the AEC-DATA server

MK PROFI Kachlová kamna, s.r.o. company bring you a unique opportunity to directly download and install data from the AEC-DATA server directly to your computer. The data is always complete, and in the right place, do not worry about anything. Simply:

  1. Download and install the AEC-DATA download 1.5 from this site.
  2. Select the appropriate Username and Password from the list below.
  3. Begin to use the program.
  4. Login data (user and password) can also be used for individual download files (no Captcha) from websites, login find in top right.

Username and Password for downloading data MK PROFI Kachlová kamna, s.r.o. by AEC-DATA download program:

  • ArCon - format ACO: 3D objects: Username: mkprofi-arcon , Password: mkprofi-arcon
  • 3D Studio - format MAX: 3D objects: Username: mkprofi-max , Password: mkprofi-max
  • AutoCAD - format DWG: 3D objects: Username: mkprofi-dwg , Password: mkprofi-dwg

For technical problems with downloading 3D objects, and their use, please contact SOFTconsult spol. s r.o., e-mail:

Download software AEC-DATA download 1.5

Software for mass downloading data from the AEC-DATA server: AEC-DATA-download_setup.exe (1,75 MB)

Try the software

You can test software for mass downloading completely free and independent.

Install software and enter the login:
Username: test , Password: test

You will be able to download all General objects for ArCon, we have prepared for you.


Mass downloading

Software for mass downloading multiple models

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